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The better way to reduce risk

COMPASS SRP allows for the most accurate subcontractor risk analysis on the market. Backed by years of experience and utilizing our proprietary Q Score methodology, it is truly an integrated platform providing analysis for all departments.

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COMPASS Subcontractor Qualification Process

Data Collection


The 1Form is a standardized subcontractor qualification form that meets the data collection standards of over 70 general contractors across North America.

  • Industry Approved

    Vetted by 70+ General Contractors across North America.

  • Win Win

    Subs satisfy multiple data requests, GCs get higher quality data.

  • Meets Insurance Standards

    Satisfies over 92% of surety applications.

Data Collection

Client Service Team

A team entirely dedicated to helping and communicating with Subcontractors.

  • Your Own Account Manager

    A consistent point of contact to liaise with your Subcontractors

  • Targeted Data Collection

    Processes and approaches specifically designed for Subcontractors

  • Subcontractor Help Desk

    Live phone or email contact for any subcontractor questions

Data Verification

Data Verification Team

Our Data Verification team of financial analysts reviews submissions to verify key pieces of data.

  • Primary Verification

    Machine learning techniques highlight potential issues.

  • Secondary Verification

    A manual check of supporting documentation by a real person

  • Relevant Warnings

    Alerts notify where data could not be verified before you rely on it

Analytics and Visualization

Q Score

A numerical assessment of Subcontractor risk provided by an independent 3rd party

  • Data-driven, rules based approach

    Unbiased benchmark for decision making

  • Targeted Data Collection

    Focus effort on yellow and red Subcontractors

  • Incorporate industry best practices

    Rely on the same benchmark as the largest industry players

  • Comprehensive

    Covers all areas of business risk (business, finance, and health & safety)

Analytics and Visualization

GC Specific Automated Limit Model

Rules-based model used to assist in determining maximum Subcontractor exposure.

  • Fully customized

    Built to reflect your risk tolerance

  • Gain industry insight

    Benefit from how other GCs approach assigning limits

  • Fully flexible

    Automatically accept, manually review, or overwrite model generated limits

  • Integrated into COMPASS

    Improved efficiency with pre-populated limits


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