DataControl screen

Your Data. Your Way.

Data Control is a tool built for subcontractors that gives them the ability to easily and securely respond to inbound data requests. In an industry where there is an ever-increasing demand for data and risk management, you have full control over who and what is accessed through our secure method of data transfer.
DataControl screen

The new standard to satisfy all your data applications.

Respond to inbound requests by inviting anyone to view your customized data package with an email address and a click of a button

1Form, endless opportunities

Take full advantage of your completed 1Form to complete prequalification, counter-party assessments, insurance, surety, or credit applications, eliminating the need to fill out multiple forms.

Control your Security

Have peace of mind that only the email of the intended recipient can be used to register and access your data. You may revoke access at anytime, in the case you mis-entered the email address or you no longer wish to work with the client.


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