Execution Risk Management

Led by Technology, Built from Experience

What is COMPASS?

Data Management

One input

Multiple Uses

Everything you see will help manage risk

Process Integration

Partner with you for a seamless integration

Standardized Output

Data stored in a secure, private environment

Analytical Model Development

Model built using decades of General Contractor experience

Q Scale

Q Scores provide a relative ranking as to how an entity's execution ability compares to peers within the same trade group. Execution ability is defined as a subcontractor's capability at fulfilling the contract obligations and utilizes business, financial and health & safety variables. This is not equivalent to any measuring system which compares a subcontractor’s scoring against predetermined criteria. The Q Scale’s colour code provides a quick reference guide for Q Score equivalents.

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Complexity Simplified


Centralized, intuitive data collection

Protection of raw financial data

Standardized risk assessment procedure

Exposure to participating General Contractors

General Contractors

Optimize empirical data and powerful software tools to mitigate risk

Streamlined Data Organization and Management

Unbiased independent, standardized scoring


Manage Concentration and Correlation Risk

Share resources and information

Tackle Industry Risk

Improve quality and quantity of data to effectively manage risk